This Girl Held A Maternity Photoshoot For Her Pregnant Dog

What do you do when you have an incredibly photogenic dog that’s eight weeks pregnant? Well, if you’re Elsa Veria-Means you throw your dog the cutest damn maternity photoshoot.

Elsa Veria-Means / Via Twitter: @elsa_means

Fusee, the two-year-old semi-professional dog model, is positively glowing in all the photos.

Elsa Veria-Means / Via Twitter: @elsa_means

“She is so photogenic, so I just figured something like this would be so perfect” Elsa told BuzzFeed. She’s not wrong. Fusee rocks a flower crown better than any girl who has bothered heading to Coachella.

Elsa Veria-Means / Via Twitter: @elsa_means

The photos were taken by 19-year-old Clayton Foshaug who took some other quality dog pictures, too.

Elsa posted the photos to her Twitter account on Tuesday, and the post blew up overnight.

People could not get over how happy Fusee looked in all the photos.

@elsa_means I made her my lock screen she looks so happy

Can dog maternity shoots replace human maternity shoots?

@elsa_means The only pregnancy shoot I've ever cared about

As if all of these pictures weren’t cute enough, as of this morning Fusee is now a mom to eight tiny little puppies. “The puppies are great. They are very healthy and she is a great mom to them” Elsa told BuzzFeed.

Update: labor is completed. 8 puppies were made in the making.

Pics please!

Happy belated Mother’s Day Fusee!

Elsa Veria-Means / Via Twitter: @elsa_means