Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Are Living on a Tight Budget

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt


Reality television was still relatively new when The Hills was airing on MTV. At the time, the entire cast was extremely popular and it’s easy to see how some people let the instant fame go to their heads.


Unlike Kristin Cavalleri or Lauren Conrad who have enjoyed low-key success since the show stopped airing, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are perfect examples of why some people hate reality shows so much.


Seven years ago, Spencer was the villain that everyone loved to hate and Heidi was his accomplice-slash-girlfriend. At first, it was entertaining but it was clear that these two were taking their roles way too far. Not only did they hurt the relationships they had with other cast members, they seemed to hurt themselves.


Some would argue that Spencer was abusive to Heidi and that his controlling nature led her to make some questionable decisions. For example, she had 10 plastic surgery procedures done in a single day. She has said that she was feeling very insecure at the time and was trying to feel better about herself. That’s so sad! Clearly, she had too much money and time on her hands…


The pair had been raking in millions annually by starring on the show as well as other paid appearances. Unfortunately, they mismanaged their small fortune and have had to make some lifestyle changes as a result.


As Spencer explained to People: “We were keeping up with the Joneses, but we were going against Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. We should have stayed in our reality TV lane.”


Heidi added: “I was kind of playing house. I felt like I was someone I wasn’t. We had business managers who told us to stop spending but we acted like we knew what we were doing. I was feeling so alone and defeated. Everyone else on our cast had houses and we had nothing to show for what we’d done. I was like, the haters were right! It was sad.”


Instead of letting it get them down, however, the couple (who wed in 2009) have turned to their television roots to get back on their feet. They have been appearing on shows such as Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom and plan to ride that train for as long as they can.


Currently, they are living rent-free in Spencer’s parent’s vacation home in Santa Barbara and are paying more attention to their spending habits. “We haven’t been out to a fancy dinner since our anniversary,” said Spencer. “If Heidi’s not cooking, we’re eating tacos.”


At the end of the day, despite their history as television villains, they seem to have learned some valuable lessons. As Heidi puts it: “Life is so short and what matters is being happy with family and marriage and with personal progress. We’re in a really good place.”


Hopefully, their “personal progress” will include taking more responsibility for themselves and finding meaningful ways to earn a living!


(Photo by Lilly Lawrence/WireImage)