‘RIP Taylor Swift’ Mural Changed to Harambe the Gorilla Then Kanye West

The artist formerly known as Taylor Swift? The “RIP Taylor Swift” mural that cropped up in Melbourne, Australia, earlier this week after an all-out war broke out between Kim Kardashian and Swift, has since been painted over to resemble, instead, Swift’s nemesis Kanye West.

A photo of the original mural was posted on Instagram on Wednesday, July 20, with the 26-year-old singer’s likeness painstakingly painted on a wall with the words: “In Loving Memory of Taylor Smith 1989-2016.” (The artist responsible for the viral image, Lushsux, told BuzzFeed that the misspelling of the singer’s last name was intentional to avoid “the pending defamation lawsuit” that might come their way.)

Sure enough, later that day, the artist posted a note to the Lushsux Instagram account, noting that “Taylor Smith’s attorney has emailed me with a threat of legal action if I do not remove my wall relating to her.”


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I also helped to make Taylor Smith famous @privatekanye

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The caption for the post is simply a long string of “Ahahahahahhahahahha.”

By the next day, somebody had already taken to the original mural with a paintbrush and turned the image into a memorial for Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla killed in May after a 3-year-old boy fell into his cage.

“WHO DID THIS?!?!” the artist account captioned a photo of the freshly painted mural. The artist’s work got one more facelift later that day, with Kanye West’s face emblazoned over both Swift and the gorilla’s, and the words changed to “In Loving Memory of… Haramye The Savage 2016. Murdered Taylor Smith on Snapchat.”

Since then, Lushsux has also posted other works, including one of Kardashian scrolling on her phone and a nude Melania Trump with the words “I’m With Her” (Hillary Clinton's slogan) emblazoned across the top.