People Are Losing Their Damn Minds Over Cole Sprouse’s New Photo Shoot

You ever have one of those days that feels completely normal but then there’s a new Cole Sprouse photo shoot released so you’re like, wow, this is a fucking good day? Well, if you haven’t seen Cole’s new Teen Vogue photo shoot yet, today is that day for you. Congrats!


In a classic Cole move, he unveiled some of the pics with the Coliest tweet I’ve ever read:

New shoot for @TeenVogue for teens who are only content with #content aimed at teens. #knowyourdemographic

Now, brace yourself, here they are one a time…wowza!

Teen Vogue/Evaan Kheraj

I mean, what is life right now?!

Teen Vogue/Evaan Kheraj

RIP ME!!!!!!

Teen Vogue/Evaan Kheraj

Naturally, people have been losing their damn minds on Twitter:

@colesprouse new pics on Teen Vogue sliced, diced and sauced meeeeeeee 😩😩😩😩🤤🤤🤤🤤

@colesprouse @TeenVogue eveytime i see a pic of cole

They’re ready to leave their men!

I left my man for @colesprouse in teen vogue

They’re communicating in only heart emojis!

They’ve been rendered completely SPEECHLESS!

Cole Sprouse. That's it, that's the tweet.

TL;DR — Cole Sprouse is really, really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Paramount Pictures / Via

For so much more Cole, be sure to read his full profile on Teen Vogue here.