Miley Cyrus Sang “See You Again” On Its 10th Anniversary And It’ll Remind You She Has The Range

Sept. 15, 2007, is a date that belongs in the history books…it’s the day Miley Cyrus dropped the INSTANT classic banger “See You Again.”

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Yeah, you definitely remember rocking out to this song in middle school…right?

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Anyway, yeah, it’s been a full frickin’ DECADE to the day since Miley released the song. And a lot has happened since then!


But Miley decided to get ~retrospective~ on this week’s performance at BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge — to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the song, she performed a stripped-down country version of “See You Again” that reminds you of what an incredible vocalist she really is:

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(Oh, and you should also check out her banging, country version of “Party in the USA” too!)

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Miley…you’re doing amazing, sweetie!