If You Don’t Fall In Love With This “Harry Potter” B&B, Then You’re Not A True Fan

I’m currently jealous of everyone in the UK because a bed-and-breakfast called Llety Cynin offers a Harry Potter–inspired tea time, and it looks incredibly enchanting.

The website says they’re doing this to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and the 10th anniversary of Deathly Hallows this year.

@lletycynin / instagram.com

There are two different types of tea times: one tailored for kids, and another one for adults. You’ll also be sorted once you arrive!

@lletycynin / instagram.com

The adult tea time sounds divine, including treats such as sandwiches, pumpkin pasties, mandrake cake, rock cakes, treacle tarts with clotted cream, Aunt Petunia’s trifle, and “hot beer.”

@lletycynin / instagram.com

Just look at these adorable mandrake cakes up close!!!

@lletycynin / instagram.com

The children’s tea time includes “not” pumpkin juice, finger sandwiches, cake and cake pops, chocolate frogs, sour lollies, and house shortbread.

@lletycynin / instagram.com

The children’s tea is £10.95 per child, while the adult’s tea is £15.95 per person. You can also book a package to stay at the B&B overnight.

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