Here’s Proof That Blake Lively Actually Went Through An Awkward Phase

Before I begin this post, here’s a little disclaimer: If you stare too long at Blake Lively, it’s a lot like looking directly into an eclipse — you might be blinded by the sheer perfection. So please read this post responsibly.

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I mean, just look at how stunning she is!

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Queen of balloons and selfies!!!

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You might think that Blake just came out of the womb like a fully polished, modern day Grace Kelly — and honestly, you’d still pretty much be right.

But today we’ve been blessed with a shred of evidence that indicates that at one point in time, Blake Lively really was just like the rest of us. You ready for it????? Feast your eyes on this:

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Look at these two cool cats!!!

This just means there’s still hope for the rest of us who are still going through our awkward phases. So, thank you Blake Lively for this beautiful gift. 🙏

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