Electric Guest makes dancing at a Brooklyn show cool again

Last night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Electric Guest proved that a crowd full of Brooklynites can dance – even on a Monday night.

The show opened with 2012 hit Mondo, off their last album produced by Danger Mouse (who, according to frontman Asa Taccone, was dancing alongside us in the crowd). Stellar tracks from their most recent release Plural – like “Back For Me”, “Zero”, “Dear To Me” – proved to be even better live than they are on record. For a Monday night, the crowd was jam-packed with fans both new and old hoping to catch the band for the first time.

Probably the slowest – and most profound – track from Electric Guest comes in the form of “See The Light”, one they dedicated to a fan who had recently passed away. With a disco ball swirling around the room, there was not an untouched soul in the room as Taccone crooned, “Somehow when you feel alright, you step back when you fall just to see how it comes to the light again.”

The night’s peak came with “Oh Devil”, the stand-out track from Plural that made everyone in the building really drop the act and dance. Taccone’s powerhouse falsetto vocals paired with Compton’s beats proved that they are the live performers everyone says they are. For a band that came about more from word-of-mouth than any sort of publicity, their reputation as good quality music resonated with the crowd hit after hit.

Brooklyn loved Electric Guest, demanding an encore before they came back to deliver a soulful performance of “Holes” to close out the night. If there’s one thing we’re grateful for Electric Guest for, it’s making Brooklyn dance – and we can’t wait for their return.

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Photos by E.R. Pulgar