Andy Grammer’s “Fresh Eyes” gets a bangin’ new Ryan Riback remix

Andy Grammer, who stole our hearts with “Honey, I’m Good,” an inescapable anthem about commitment, has another slow-burning pop track on his hands. Initially released last summer, “Fresh Eyes” taps into a similar love-strewn fabric–the song was inspired by an early-morning rise when his wife Aijia Lise began rapping a Big Sean song. “There’s something funny about when you wake up and start doing something that is even more intimate. I was like ‘I don’t even know who you are, the person that does that, I don’t know,'” he told Popdust last year. “It was a sweet thing to be surprised by someone you think you know so well. As you get deeper into a relationship, those moments get more and more important.”

Now, the song–which has collected more than 161 million streams on Spotify alone–gets a Ryan Riback-sized remix, ripe for weekend binges and glitter-filled dance floors. The Australian producer, known for his work on Fifth Harmony and Maroon 5 remixes (among others), puts his magical touch on heightening the song’s bubbly and steamy core. The remix is electric and feverish and glam-pop at its finest.

The music video for “Fresh Eyes” also adds an entirely new, socially-conscious layer into the mix. “I’m always a huge fan of when you have a relationship with a song and the video is able to completely switch it up. It gives it a whole new take. Anytime I see that done by other artists, I’m like ‘oh, man, that’s awesome.’ What a sweet thing to have this song take on a whole new life,” he said about the video, which features homeless men and women getting makeovers. “You can actually hear the lyrics in a completely different way–looking at a homeless population that’s just been given makeovers. At the end of the day, after making this video, they all came to the roof and we gave them a party. I couldn’t even sing this song to them because it was just too sweet. Every single word took on a new meaning. When 30 people have just been given makeovers and then the next morning they are on the street…I cried the whole time. I tried to get through it and I couldn’t.”

“Fresh Eyes” (out now) samples Grammer’s forthcoming third album. “I’m still writing at the moment. I like to write around 100 songs for each album. Right now, I’m about 75 in. There is a lot of stuff with my electric guitar, so that’s indicative, for sure,” he teased of the LP.

In other news, Grammer and Lise recently revealed they are expecting their first child together – a baby girl. “It’s been really exciting because on both sides of our family it’s the first girl, so it’s fun because it’s happy news to everyone,” Lise told People magazine. “I feel like if you told me I would be having a son, I would be like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna be a parent — I get that.’ But when the doctor was like, ‘You’re gonna have a girl,’ I was like, ‘What? Who am I?’ It’s the craziest piece of information that changes who you are.”

Listen below: