20 Really Weird-Ass Things People Are Selling On eBay Right Now


A ~vintage~ wet bison fetus from 1950:

Redbearjerky / Via ebay.com

“This bison fetus was taken from its mother after being found dead of natural causes in the 1950s by a lady biologist.”


A baker’s dozen of shoes found on the side of the road:

Whatfieldsworld / Via ebay.com

“The strangest collection of shoes you will ever see! I have an odd hobby… when I see a shoe sitting on the side of the road, I stop the car, pick up the shoe, and put it in a box in my car. I live in the heart of Nicolet National Forest, a very rural area in northern Wisconsin. Apparently, people up here have trouble hanging onto their shoes!”


This hanging bat in a glass dome:

Elebro1 / Via ebay.com

Perfect piece for the living room!


A chicken finger shaped like Africa, “cooked to perfection”:

Pittsburgh79jimmy / Via ebay.com

“This one of a kind chicken tender is Shaped like the beautiful continent Africa. Cooked to perfection and frozen. . Own a piece of chicken finger history. . Don’t be chicken… Bid with confidence”


The parasitic worm from a werewolf intestine????

Leah7952 / Via ebay.com

“With the recent and unexpected necropsy of a juvenile werewolf came the opportunity to gain possession of the parasitic worms found clustered in the doomed creature’s heart and lungs. These worms have three hooked claws extending out from the mouth. Each worm measures approximately 4 inches to 5 inches, not counting the curl. “


A ghost trapped in a jar:

Aldonor03 / Via ebay.com

“Ghost/Spirit trapped in large jar. DO NOT OPEN OR BREAK!”


A “freaky mutant” roll of toilet paper:

Burke2264 / Via ebay.com

“This uncanny roll of Charmin Ultra-Soft might have been a freak manufacturing error or it may have traveled to our universe from another dimension! One end of the roll is TOTALLY SEALED OFF! What the hell?!?! Amaze your friends or perform scientific experiments to establish the origins of this terrifying anomaly but beware — as a possible portal to other worlds, the consequences of owning this item are totally unpredictable.”


Animal crackers humping each other:

Cruisesister / Via ebay.com

“Offering a new uneaten animal crackers humping each other. Found inside the bag of animal crackers. So funny and bizarre! Ask questions!”


A “BRIGHT & SHINY” paper clip:

Tntbay2014 / Via ebay.com

“Unused Mint Condition Collector Quality”


This girl’s soul and spirit:

melissbottomle-0 / Via ebay.com

“Due to difficulties involved with removing my soul, the winning bidder will either have to settle for a night of yummy Thai food and cool indie flicks or wait until my natural death.”


One-of-a-kind Cheeto shaped like the letter Y:

Lovexsuck / Via ebay.com

“Found this at the bottom of my cheetos bag and it’s rare, unique-shaped Cheeto like the letter ‘Y’or to what ever your imagination leads it to be, one-of-a-kind it is stored away now grab it before its gone!”


A piece of paper:

Carolsonlinefleamarket / Via ebay.com

“A piece of paper.”


A conjoined twin sunflower seed:

Surfer3232 / Via ebay.com

“You are looking at a real miracle. A conjoined twin sunflower seed. Doctors want to separate them, but it’s a risky surgery. Who knows what wonders lie inside their hard shell. Is it one seed inside? Two seeds? You could find out if you’re the lucky bidder…”



Moonpies789 / Via ebay.com

“Love a good surprise or want to send one to someone? Buy it now for a mystery parcel in your mailbox! Can be absolutely anything!”


A mind control protective hat:

Cravilli / Via ebay.com

“100% Guaranteed to keep out alien, government, and superhuman beings from reading your mind. Or worse, controlling your every thought and body movement.

This hat is constructed out of pure aluminum. The antennas are adjustable and are equipped with our patented CDT (Collection Deflection Technology). This harnesses the most signals yet, and is able to send them back out without your brain ever being in danger. The soft yet sturdy chin strap helps keep your hat on even during chaotic times.”


Bottled fresh air:

Aldonor03 / Via ebay.com

“A whole jar of clean refreshing air! Just pop the top and breath in the crisp freshness of pure USA made air!”


Tennis balls in a “novelty craft glass jar”:

Martinez71605 / Via ebay.com

“How did he do that? Baffle your friends and family with this great novelty gift!! Or just have it as something cool in your office!!”


Absolutely nothing:

Texastreasures22268 / Via ebay.com

“I am selling “absolutely nothing” at an amazing price. I guarantee You will find absolutely nothing for a better price. Only 7.77! and for You shopaholics, regardless of what else you buy today, You will be able to tell Your significant other you bought ” absolutely nothing” today.and Yet You still get the thrill every Ebayer gets by clicking the “buy it now” button. And have absolutely nothing to show for it.And once You do buy nothing from Me,”Absolutely nothing” will be shipped to You the same day, guaranteed!”


The “world’s longest” fresh piece of grass:

Greged / Via ebay.com

“Fresh blade of homegrown grass ready to be regrown.”


And two dead Madagascar hissing roaches:

By-chefdaryl / Via ebay.com

“2 to 3 inch DEAD Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Thees once were alive in my colony, and they were old breeders that had a good life before expiring. Friends have used these “Hissers” for an excellent gag gift. With a Origanal Hisser you can be the Life of the Party.”

OMFG. That’s enough eBay for one day.